Why Photography by Keana Parker?

What makes us Santa Cruz's leading female empowerment specialists

Have you lost touch with yourself and your body after giving birth? Recently experienced a heartache and could use some self care and nourishment? Or are you in need of a jaw dropping gift for that special someone in your life? Look no further than Photography by Keana Parker’s Boudoir Experience. Become one of my Boudie Babes and learn what it means to love your body, embrace your insecurities, and confidently live a happy life.

My goal as your photographer is making sure every woman finishes this experience feeling uniquely themselves, worthy of love from outside as well as within. Whatever your reasons are for not booking your boudoir session, whatever lies you keep telling to yourself, I promise you that life begins at the end of of your comfort zone

As a woman, I know what its like to struggle with your insecurities and to look in the mirror at my reflection and feel unhappy. I believe boudoir is an outlet for all woman to look upon themselves and love everything they see. We all deserve to feel confident and beautiful at any age, shape or size. 

Our boudoir experience results in high quality heirlooms that require no further work from you.

On our initial consultation, we will discuss your reasons for boudoir and how you want your session to look and feel. Expect the day of your session to be full of fun, laughter and leaving you with a healthy dose of self esteem. Two weeks after your session, I invite you back to the studio for a reveal of your images. From there, we will curate your personalized artwork. From albums to wall art, my goal is to leave you with long lasting memories documenting your legacy.

If you love my message and want be one of my boudie babes, but aren't ready yet, I encourage you to join my private community of ladies on Facebook in our VIP GROUP. We are a great outlet for femininity, positivity and sensual artwork. Or you can follow me on Instagram or our Facebook page. 

So don't wait, unleash your inner vixen! Contact me now to book your very own boudoir experience. You won't regret it!

xoxo keana


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