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Wave of Emotions | Santa Cruz Boudoir Photographer


Wave of Emotions | Santa Cruz Boudoir Photographer

What was your #1 motivator in having a session with me?

I have always wanted to do a sexy photo shoot but was nervous about what it would be like and what people would say. After joining the group on FB and seeing all of the support, all of the different types of women taking the plunge and getting a better glimpse of the approach that Keana takes, I knew I would be in good hands and that if I was going to do it, I should do it with her!


In 3 words or less, how would you describe your session with me?

Thrilling, liberating & bold.


Contemplating and deciding to do a boudoir shoot can be a wave of emotions. For me, the initial idea was both exciting and mysterious. Then I saw Keana's mermaid giveaway and without thinking, I applied. Once I learned that I was selected, a new wave of emotions and thoughts settled in, to name a few - "am I really going to do this," "what if I don't look as good as those other girls," "what will my boyfriend think," "is this bad for my reputation/image?" After navigating myself through all of my self-made negative talk, I began to grow excited again, but the shoot was still some time away. During the few days just before the shoot, the emotions really started to ramp up again and I had to choose how to respond to that negative talk once more. I decided to talk back again and it was kind of like that feeling of being on a roller coaster as it's inclining and thinking, "This is it! I'm doing it! No turning back" (insert image of a football player on game day with eye black grease and a "GRRR" face) From the moment that I stepped into Keana's studio in Scott's Valley, any residual negative feeling or thought completely disappeared. From her energy, to the professionalism of her makeup artist, to the beautiful, tasteful, breathtaking art from prior boudoir shoots placed thoughtfully around the studio, I knew I was in good hands. Keana has a true talent for the art and technicalities of photography, but more importantly, she has what can't be taught - a kind, funny, witty and empathetic energy that can put even the most nervous soul at ease. I felt like I was hanging out with my sister. When we arrived at the beach, there was literally no thinking involved. Keana directed my every move, reminded me to breathe and reassured me that even though some poses feel extremely awkward, that I would look fabulous. It's all about those angles, ladies! Throughout the shoot, Keana provided constant, passionate, positive feedback and compliments. She also showed me some shots from time to time, all of which astounded me - I could not believe I was looking at me! I left the shoot feeling like an absolute goddess. I felt powerful, beautiful and brave. Needless to say, my boyfriend loved my experience and the photos as well. ;-) I have zero regrets whatsoever and can honestly say that the experience changed something in me a bit. I will never forget that day.


Any advice for women interested in their own boudoir session?

DO IT! I am serious. As women, we do so much for other people and spend so much money on other people. You deserve this! The experience is truly uplifting and one of a kind, and one day, when you're old and tired, you will have these to look back on and to remind your grandkids that grandma is the true queen.