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Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Let’s talk wardrobe!

A big part of planning the perfect boudoir experience is choosing your outfits. Clients ask this question ALOT and I wanted to start a dialogue on this hot topic.


Where to event start?! This subject will most definitely be visited many times throughout our blog so I thought I would start with just the basics. I’ve put together a few of my top suggestions.


With this category you can really go wild with! From lacy bralettes + cheeky panties to bombshell push up bra and sexy thong, the possibilities are endless! First things first, choose a set that you feel 100% comfortable in. If you have areas of your body that are would not like to focus on, find the coverage that works best for you. Here are is an example of the many types of bra and panty sets our clients have warn. Paired along with high heels, jewelry, jackets or hosiery, accessories 


These little numbers do wonders on EVERY body type! From lacy and to sheer, body suits come in a variety of styles, colors and coverage. Coverage is key. If you’re worried about certain areas of your body, whether its your arms or your tummy, body suits offer coverage that will still make you feel sexy. Not to be confused with teddies or rompers, the body suit is also quite versatile! For your session, pair your body suite with some high heels and statement jewelry. For a night on the town, pair your body suit with a high waisted pencil skirt, high heels and a blazer for s sophisticated ensemble.


The best outfit is sometimes priceless… LITERALLY! The simplicity and elegance of a woman’s naked body is hands down my favorite outfit to date. Paired with some jewelry or white sheets, your body can yield a variety of stunning images. Using lighting techniques and posing, we can achieve tasteful fine art nudes showcasing your beautiful body in all its glory without showing ALL the bits… if you know what I mean ;D

So now that you have a few ideas under your belt, you can really start mixing in your own personality and showcasing the SEXIEST version of YOU. So what do you say?

Are you ready to take the next steps and book your session today? Let’s chat!