So I thought I’d kick off this blog thing with 5 things you didn’t know about your photographer, me, Keana Parker. There might be things you already knew about me and things you would have guessed. Here’s goes nothing!

  1. I am a good listener. Anyone that has met me can tell you that I have a very calm demeanor. It’s also great for fostering trust especially in such intimate settings for boudoir photography. I might not have any answers to your burning questions or know the right thing to say but I am always there for you to spill your heart out and lend my ear. Sometimes just knowing someone HEARS you is all one needs.

  2. I am a self proclaimed Francophile which means I am a lover of all things FRENCH! Maybe its because I am born on the French independence day, July 14th or the fact that I spent a whole month in France all by self because I loved it so much. From its history, cooking and fashion, I am constantly inspired and hope to one day live in France! A girl can dream right?

  3. I went to photography school because I wanted to do underwater photography and photograph sharks! After earning my Bachelors Degree from Brooks Institute of Photography, I realized I loved portraiture, mainly photographing women. After many years of photo journalism working for Good Times, a local newspaper in Santa Cruz and almost a decade in the wedding industry, I uncovered this niche of boudoir and intimate portraiture. Something clicked and I realized it was truly the meaning of why I loved photography. Throughout my life being fascinated by fashion and inspired from the editorials of Vanity Fair, it all made sense. The female form is my muse.

  4. I LOVE to travel. I mean, who doesn’t?! Well…maybe some ;) BUT, like I REALLY love to travel. I plan at least 3-4 trips per year to go to places I have never been to. They can be day trips within my state (because California is huge) or to the east coast to explore our capitol and the national mall. As a child, I spent my summers hiking through mountains and road tripping across the western united states with my father. I am no stranger to airports or travel itineraries. Traveling fuels my creativity and connects me to the world and its humanity.

  5. I am a horror movie aficionado! I tend to lean towards creature features such as vampires and werewolves. Zombies do nothing for me so you wont find that in my que. But I do love my classics like Rosemary’s Baby or It (the original of course!). During the month of October, we watch a scary movie every night because I am hard core ;)

So did I surprise you? Did you learn something new? Let me know!