5 Facts about your Photographer


5 Facts about your Photographer

So I thought I’d kick off this blog thing with 5 things you didn’t know about your photographer, me, Keana Parker. There might be things you already knew about me and things you would have guessed. Here’s goes nothing!

  1. I am a good listener. Anyone that has met me can tell you that I have a very calm demeanor. It’s also great for fostering trust especially in such intimate settings for boudoir photography. I might not have any answers to your burning questions or know the right thing to say but I am always there for you to spill your heart out and lend my ear. Sometimes just knowing someone HEARS you is all one needs.

  2. I am a self proclaimed Francophile which means I am a lover of all things FRENCH! Maybe its because I am born on the French independence day, July 14th or the fact that I spent a whole month in France all by self because I loved it so much. From its history, cooking and fashion, I am constantly inspired and hope to one day live in France! A girl can dream right?

  3. I went to photography school because I wanted to do underwater photography and photograph sharks! After earning my Bachelors Degree from Brooks Institute of Photography, I realized I loved portraiture, mainly photographing women. After many years of photo journalism working for Good Times, a local newspaper in Santa Cruz and almost a decade in the wedding industry, I uncovered this niche of boudoir and intimate portraiture. Something clicked and I realized it was truly the meaning of why I loved photography. Throughout my life being fascinated by fashion and inspired from the editorials of Vanity Fair, it all made sense. The female form is my muse.

  4. I LOVE to travel. I mean, who doesn’t?! Well…maybe some ;) BUT, like I REALLY love to travel. I plan at least 3-4 trips per year to go to places I have never been to. They can be day trips within my state (because California is huge) or to the east coast to explore our capitol and the national mall. As a child, I spent my summers hiking through mountains and road tripping across the western united states with my father. I am no stranger to airports or travel itineraries. Traveling fuels my creativity and connects me to the world and its humanity.

  5. I am a horror movie aficionado! I tend to lean towards creature features such as vampires and werewolves. Zombies do nothing for me so you wont find that in my que. But I do love my classics like Rosemary’s Baby or It (the original of course!). During the month of October, we watch a scary movie every night because I am hard core ;)

So did I surprise you? Did you learn something new? Let me know!





Seriously, life changing | Santa Cruz's Boudoir Specialist


Seriously, life changing | Santa Cruz's Boudoir Specialist

“The idea of bearing my scantily clad (or nude) body for a stranger to document, was more than a little intimidating. But I wanted those gorgeous photos like the incredible women I saw on Keana's FB page, and website. I wanted the memory of flaunting my hotness! I can confidently tell you, the experience was perfection. Keana set me at ease, and as the session progressed, I found myself loosening up more and more. As great as that was, the real magic happens when you see your photos! They were infinitely better than I had imagined.”


How did you feel BEFORE your boudoir session?

Before my session with Keana, I was obviously nervous. We are our own worst critics, and I started to notice every "flaw" that stuck out like a sore thumb!


What was your #1 motivator in having a session with me?

To commemorate the soul of the 32 yr old woman I have become.


In 3 words or less, how would you describe your session with me?

Absolutely fucking awesome! Hahaha.

Here's a non-expletive one for ya, Seriously life changing.


How often do you look at your images?

I pull out my matted prints a couple times per month. They are such amazing quality, that it's difficult to NOT admire them.


Any advice for women interested in their own boudoir session?

Don't beat yourself up trying to convince yourself you can't do this. You CAN, and you totally deserve to.


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