Santa Cruz Guess Inspired Style Shoot


A few months back, I teamed up with some of my go-to gals for Hair and Makeup to create a styled shoot. I told them I was itching to do something I hadn’t in awhile, a Styled Shoot. Something sexy, Guess inspired and that we needed a dishy blonde.

Enter the beautiful… miss Brittany.  She was perfect.

Both Danielle and Sara have been friends of mine for quite some time. Danielle and I were beach bunnies every summer as a kid at Junior Guards in Santa Cruz. Some of my fondest summer memories with her involve getting wild as a JG in the end of the year seaweed pit. Sara was one of my old roommates and one of the best ones at that!! We go together like peanut butter and jelly. And she’s the only person that I will let do my hair.

We all got to brainstorming what we were all envisioning and it turned out to be one of the funniest days I had in awhile.

I am a firm believer of doing what makes you happy, especially for the job you work day to day. Happiness feeds your soul.

Make sure you feed it something good.



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