This is Perla. Doesn’t she look absolutely amazing? She looks like the type of woman with confidence. Confidence is something I believe every woman should have. A woman should never be ashamed of their bodies and I want to prove it to you.

A few weeks ago, I held a Boudoir Marathon at my best friend, Sara’s house. It was a place of comfort and the perfect spot to have something amazing happen. Perla was one of the women that expressed her desire to participate in what many boudoir photographers claim to be as life changing. I believe in that whole heartedly. I asked every girl why they wanted to participate. Why they would want to do a boudoir shoot.

Her response: ” I would like to do this because my husband always accuses me of not being a real girl. I would like to do it as a surprise for him, and frankly to prove to him that I can be girly and may-haps sexy.”


I think her husband is gonna fall in love all over again.


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