There is something to be said about a comfy sweater and pretty panties to make a girl feel comfortable. I loved Miss C’s approach to our session because I feel like boudoir doesn’t have to be all about lingerie. Embrace your boudoir experience by wearing something that makes you feel good.

Whether its a bad ass fur coat with tantalizing hosiery or a simple white t-shirt and boxer briefs.

It’s all sexy because it is YOU that makes it that.


After years of shooting weddings, I finally realized that my true passion was always women. How a woman can command a room with just one look. Or how she takes charge and makes it look so effortless. I am here to show you that EVERY woman deserves to have her portrait taken. Especially during the milestones of her life.

My beautiful friend, Ashlee, a recent newly wed jumped at the chance to get in front of my camera. Why? Because she knew the value of a simple, elegant portrait. A portrait defining the moment in her life where she became committed to the one thing that we all need, love. The simplicity of our shoot is a testament to the kind of work I want to photograph.

The world doesn’t define who you are, you do. Show them who are.