A Beautiful Smile| Santa Cruz Boudoir Photographer


This is my beautiful friend, Amy. Our paths crossed a few years ago and I knew the minute I met her that she was a keeper. Her bubbly personality and spunk had me head over heels. She can definitely be defined as a “ride or die” type friend. You know, the one that will do anything for you at the drop of a hat…

When I expressed my desire to do more boudoir sessions, her eyes lit up. After much encouragement, I decided to host a Boudoir Marathon and Amy was the first one to say SIGN ME UP!

Boudoir isn’t for everyone. But… I want to show people, especially women, that it can be! Yes, it may be uncomfortable at first because you feel vulnerable and exposed, but I guarantee {whole heartedly} that you will feel so proud of yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone and being proud of who you and your body.

You can make a boudoir session that is completely you, your style. For Amy, she was drawn to a casual look with a simple white t-shirt and cute comfortable underwear. She spiced it up with a blush lingerie set and a stunning silk robe.  Not only does she look gorgeous but her smile is so contagious that I am smiling back at her with every image!


She says to me, “I wanna look like a Hawaiian princess!”

Insert: the gold pineapple


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